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In honor of our dear old girl, I’m re-publishing this joyous post from a decade ago:

Science has measured and discussed the positive and negative effects of ions for years. I’ve heard that the ocean shore carries a different ionic charge, which can be energizing for many critters, and as proof  I give you our Edie girl:



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Goodbye, Edie Girl

She won’t struggle to get up again. She won’t sprawl on the floor and wait for one of us to reach under her ribcage and pull her upright.

She won’t stagger across the floor as if drunk again, her hind quarters listing to one side as she navigates from rug to rug on the treacherous hardwood floor.

She won’t suffer incontinence any more, or the indignity of a quick rub down of her hind quarters with a rubbing alcohol–soaked washcloth, to clean her up.

She won’t struggle up any stairs again, needing one of us to reach an arm under her ribs to help her galumph laboriously up stairs she used to sprint up in a few bounds. (more…)

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