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 I’ve mentioned before my woeful story of the mouse that died. How like an aging athlete it had trouble moving to the right. It still cut to the left okay, but at times I’d try dragging to the right and the mouse was moving but the cursor wasn’t going anywhere.

It becomes time to hang up the spikes—or at least the mouse wheel. Which left me at the mercy of the digerati and their love of all things new. (more…)

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Panting for Relief

We had a heat wave recently, and it snuck up on me. It stays cool in our house, so when I stepped out to run to the supermarket I wasn’t prepared for the heat inside the car I wanted to use.

Which was my first mistake—after giving in to the hounds, who watch my preparations to leave and crowd my knees at the door, begging to go. I herded the canines into the vehicle that had been sitting in the sun, and as soon as we hit the road  it was time to roll down the windows. (more…)

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