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Winter Orchids

In late November, at the beginning of this winter’s drought, I noticed that some old, half-forgotten orchids set back in our side yard were sending out floral spikes. Orchids respond beautifully to water-deprivation. During the summer I water our lawn, so the yard also gets frequent/ocasional splashes of water, but during the fall I water much less, so they had gone without for a while. Voilà!

I mentioned them to the missus, who moved them out from their reclusive nook to one of our raised beds, but as we were preparing to travel they didn’t get much attention. Except that, whenever I was out in our yard, I’d look over and admire them.

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Minneapolis’s skyways

On our last day in Minneapolis, we checked out of the Normandie Inn (which we had enjoyed), and decided to go for a walk before I drove the missus to the airport. During prior visits I’d wonder at how quiet the sidewalks downtown are. In San Francisco’s Financial District, the sidewalks are always busy. Okay, perhaps there aren’t as many people in downtown Minneapolis; I don’t know how many white-collar workers per square yard each city has. I just know the sidewalks midday had seemed eerily deserted, even during my visits between May and September. It took me a while to realize they are all using the skyways.  Continue Reading »

You might think visiting at that time of year might mean lots of hiding in doors, visiting friends and avoiding getting out and doing things. You might want to think again.  We had a great time, and never let the weather slow us down. You just prepare for it, ferrcryin’outloud, and go about your plans.

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I’ve lived in California for over three decades now, yet return home periodically.  Maybe 15, 16 times total, and almost always between May and October. Twice as late as Thanksgiving (and met by snowstorms each time—even a blizzard). This year for the first time since I left, I went back in December. 

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It’s Raining!

And on Groundhog’s Day, too.  California is in the midst of an awful drought. Not so bad for the humans, so far, but very threatening to agriculture, which will affect us eventually, and far more serious for wildlife and the environment.

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 I e-mailed my friend who brews with me about the next beers we are going to make. “What,” he replied. “no huzzahs and hosannas for the World Champion Red Sox?!”

 He’s from Connecticut. I don’t blame him for being a Red Sox fan. But I do note that he’s singing a new tune. Continue Reading »


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