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I follow two baseball teams, one in the AL which at the end of the ’06 season was a few key pieces short of being able to contend deep into the playoffs and the other in the NL which I believe was a few players shy of contending in the regular season. (more…)

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Edie girl! No, no no!

My mother-in-law came over last night to have dinner with us. She brought some teacake cookies in a small bowl and handed them to me when she came in the door–I set them on our low coffeetable and the dogs went over to sniff them. “Oh, no, you better move them!” she told me, fearing the dogs would eat her powdered sugar teacakes. (more…)

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When I was a kid we squandered our allowances on baseball cards. Okay, candy too. But hot summer days (which attain a sunny, cotton-candy clouds benevolence in memory, probably far removed from the actual worries and dreams of adult freedom and abilities), nostalgic summer days we would ride bikes or walk down to the Ranch Market and buy nickel packs bubble gum cards, which is where I made some of the best real estate purchases of my life (more…)

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